Amanda Yates

Amanda Yates
Learning Specialist

M.Ed Educational Leadership/UF

All students, regardless of their learning struggles or strengths, can develop a love for learning. Learning can be accomplished by everyone; no matter the I.Q. or age. Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development states that there are periods of
development, based upon age: Sensorimotor period (years 0–2), Preoperational period (years 2–7), Concrete operational period (years 7–11), and Formal operational period (years 11 and up). He stresses that learning is based primarily upon motivation. Having worked with students of various learning levels and disabilities, I strongly believe that motivation is key in one’s learning. I try to find student’s interests and incorporate those into their learning. I believe that learning can be accomplished by everyone; no matter the I.Q. or age.

In order to engage the learner, one must understand Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Throughout my education, I discovered the huge impact that various methods of delivery and instruction, had upon my own learning. I became aware that the depth of my learning was so much richer, when I was given kinesthetic, visual, and interpersonal instruction. I am in total agreement with the philosophy that learners are individuals and I cannot expect them to all learn the same way. I believe that I have a responsibility to assist in uncovering each learner’s strengths
and doing all I can to develop those strengths. On the other hand, uncovering one’s weaknesses can be an enormous milestone in one’s development and learning as well.

I grew up in a family of educators and knew from a very young age that my desire was to teach others. I graduated with my Master’s in Educational Leadership in 2005, from The University of Florida. I have taught English (6-12) as well as English and Humanities courses for The University of Phoenix. ETB provides me the opportunity to do what I love! I am so excited to engage your
child’s brain and help them discover the tools they need to be life-long, successful learners.