Cherrie Langston

Learning Specialist

Every child needs a cheerleader, an advocate, a person who helps build not only their vocabulary but also their confidence; this is how I view my role as a learning specialist at Engage The Brain. During my many years as an educator, I have had the opportunity to teach in many states, in both public and private settings. I have worked as an elementary teacher, a remedial reading teacher in middle school, teacher of the Gifted, an ESL teacher and a Curriculum Specialist at a prestigious private school in South Florida. As well as a Certified Coach, working with parents and families.

Throughout all my years and various positions in educational settings, I learned that most children want to succeed and do their best, but sometimes obstacles have been placed in their way, on their road to success. I see my job as identifying those obstacles and then equipping the child with the necessary tools to overcome those obstacles. A toolbox that they can avail themselves of whenever a new challenge is presented. My work with parents is basically the same process. I coach parents through the identification of the obstacles that are placed in their way, perhaps when they are identifying the correct school for their child’s special needs or learning styles, or setting up family systems that help reinforce what is being developed at school. I work closely as their Solutionist, so that success is achieved by all; the parents, the child, and the family.