Level 2 Services

Level 2 Services
Focus on building underlying processing skills so students can become independent learners. Our 1:1 personalized, intense sessions are designed to focus on a student’s area of weakness. Instructors are experienced and certified teachers that are experts in their field.

Behavior Support: Families and students that may need some emotional or self-regulation support may benefit from working with our Registered Behavior Tech. Our specialist provides positive, and academically focused sessions that guide and support the students and family.

Reading Programs: At EtB we specialize in integrating multi-sensory methods that are presented in a systematic, direct format. Methodologies such as Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell Processes are utilized. We also continue to pioneer new learning methodologies through trainings and professional opportunities.

Math Programs: Our EtB specialists provide math techniques to help clarify and inspire math understanding. Our approaches include hands-on concrete strategies that lead to abstract math understanding. We design our instruction with the individual in mind – using various multi-sensory, systematic and direct instructional approaches.

 Writing Programs: We offer hands-on handwriting instruction, which includes letter formation, paper presentation, and direct instruction in both print and cursive. Having proper handwriting leads to a stronger student overall.

Our engaging writing programs for our students that struggle with constructing content, utilizing mechanics, and elaboration, includes a systematic, guided approach. Students learn how to create logical sentences, that lead to paragraphs, essays, or research papers. Writing is a complex, multi-faceted area of communication. Having a good understanding of the power of writing is an asset to all learners.

Executive Functioning Support