Level 3 Services

Level 3 Services

These highly specialized, personalized 1:1 sessions are designed for students are diagnosed or show significant signs of a learning difference.  Intense reading instruction is provided by a trained specialist and overseen by our dyslexic certified practitioner.  Speech/Language services, cognitive therapy, and intense executive functioning services are also provided at this level with certified specialists.

Executive Functioning Coaching: Having an organized action plan is key to making school, and life, easier to manage. Time management, planning, study skills, and organization are all part of our executive functioning instructional sessions. We use programs such as Seeing My Time, cognitive memory instruction, as well as other programs to address the fundamental brain functions that are used for academic and life tasks.

Behavior Support: Families and students that may need some emotional or self-regulation support may benefit from working with our Registered Behavior Tech. Our specialist provides positive, and academically focused sessions that guide and support the students and family.

Orton-Gillingham Instruction

Speech/Language TherapyEtB provides speech/language intense sessions working with our certified speech/language therapists.  Evaluations and therapy is available both in speech and language.