Why Engage The Brain

Engage the Brain Philosophy:

At Engage the Brain we believe that all children can perform to their potential when given the proper tools. We specialize in providing those tools.

Engage the Brain gives students these essential tools through our “whole child” approach to learning. We attend not only to students’ academic and cognitive processing skills, but also to the ways motivation and anxiety affect their achievement.

In addition every family works closely with a Learning Specialist. The Specialist monitors the student’s progress and provides progress notes which are emailed weekly.

As we work with your child, we maintain close contact with parents and, therapists, providers, and school, as requested, and adjust his or her unique plan as needed to ensure that each student receives the best personalized instruction available.

We respect each child and treat each child as an individual. Our approach blends educational experience and compassion to build up areas of weakness and to build on student strengths. We want to help your child gain genuine self-confidence and joy in learning.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at jennifer.disch@engagethebrain.org.